Captains are the backbone of the Department's management.  They supervise the firefighters, medic units, or functional areas of the Fire Department.  When a fire truck arrives at an incident, it's usually a captain that is directing the initial actions of the firefighters on-scene. 

There are three types of Captains in the Department: Station, Division, EMS Shift

Station Captains

Station Captains are assigned to the Fire Suppression Division a shift and work a 24-hour on/48-hour off schedule.  They supervise a crew of firefighters and act as the initial incident commander at fire and incident scenes.

Division Captains

Divisions Captains are assigned to one of the Administrative divisions; Workforce Development, Support Services, or Fire Prevention.  These captains provide leadership and expert knowledge in these divisions and work Monday through Friday.

EMS Shift Captains

EMS Shift Captains are assigned to the EMS Division and work a 24-hour on/48-hour off schedule.  During their shift, they supervise the  medic units.