About the Chaplain

Like many other police and fire departments, we maintain chaplain services.  Currently we have 2 Chaplains on staff; CJ Wright and Mike Caci.  

CJ Wright has served the District since 2008.  Rev. Wright is also a member of the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board(KCCRB); a multi-disciplinary, dynamically trained team of dedicated emergency service workers and Mental Health Professionals who volunteer their time to assist peers who encounter a critical incident.

Chaplain Services


Assisting on Scene:  The chaplain can be helpful in dealing with accident and fire victims, families, unhelpful or hysterical people,  freeing up firefighters to focus on emergency operations. The Chaplain also monitors firefighters for how the scene may be impacting them, and is available to firefighters once the scene is cleared. The chaplain can be called by the Incident Commander or an officer to respond to a scene.

Ceremonies: The chaplain is available to conduct/assist in graduation ceremonies, weddings, funerals, celebration of life, and provide invocations at departmental events. The chaplain is able to provide sacraments and services in the hospital or at home for department personnel and retired firefighters and their families.

Counseling: The chaplain can provide crisis counseling, grief counseling, and all aspects of critical incident stress management to firefighters, officers and their families. 

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): The chaplain is one of the department’s CISM resources for either providing or arranging for a CISM team to provide CISM Services. In addition, the Chief or designee can also request a team 24/7. Individual firefighters can request on their own behalf to speak with a firefighter team member for support. 

Fatalities: When there is a fatality, civilian or responder, the chaplain is available to respond immediately. The spiritual life of the deceased needs to be respected. In this very diverse world, that could mean several things and the Chaplain is available to provide guidance.  

Spiritual Guidance: The chaplain is available to provide spiritual guidance to all personnel and be a liaison with area ministries. All faith traditions and belief systems are respected.

Suicide Intervention: The chaplain is trained and experienced in suicide intervention and prevention. Support for individuals and/or their families is available for suicide attempts or if the suicide is completed.

Contact the Chaplain

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