Chief Officers

In addition to serving  as incident commanders at complex, long-term, or significant incidents, they assist the Fire Chief with administrative functions such as developing budgets, long-term planning, managing resources, and coordinating operations with other agencies. 

Assistant Chief

The Assistant Chief is the Fire Chief's executive officer and serves as the acting Chief in the absence of the Fire Chief.  The Assistant Chief also supervises the Operations Division.

Lt. Colonel Mike Heilman

Division Chiefs

Division Chiefs are the Fire Chief's executive staff.  Each Chief supervises a division that requires expert knowledge. 

Major Tony Hairgrove-Fire Prevention

Major Ron Maddux- Workforce Development

Major Joe Wolfe- Support Services

Major Brad Michel- Planning/HR/Accreditation

Battalion Chiefs

Battalion Chiefs are Chief Officers who supervise day-to-day tactical operations.  Each Chief is assigned to a specific platoon, working a rotating schedule of 24 hours on-duty and 48 hours off-duty.  They report to the Assistant Chief.

Major Matt Goolsby

Major Brad Oser

Major Sean Taylor