Fire Suppression


The Fire Suppression Division is the largest division of the Department.  The firefighters in this division work out of the 11 fire stations located strategically around the community.  Career firefighters work a 24-hour on-duty/48-hour off-duty rotating platoon system. 



The EMS Division is the second largest division of the Department.  The personnel in the EMS division staff the Medic units and work out of the fire stations.  These career personnel work a 24-hour on-duty/48-hour off-duty rotating platoon system. 

Medical Directors

Dr. Tim Price, tprice@amfems.org

Dr. Tad Roberts

Workforce Development



The Division of Workforce Development is  responsible for supporting daily training, and conducting annual re-certification training, recruit training, and new programs necessary to keep firefighters in compliance with ISO, Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Administration (KOSHA), International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards along with Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Service ( KBEMS), American Heart Association, BLS, PALS and ACLS.

Division Chief of Workforce Development

Division Chief Ron Maddux, rmaddux@amfems.org 

Fire Prevention



 Led by the Fire Marshal, the Fire Prevention Division is responsible for code enforcement, fire prevention/investigation, plan review which includes fire hydrant placement, and public education. Within public education programs, focused age groups range from pre-school all the way to senior citizens. 

Fire Marshal

Division Chief Steve Hanson


Fleet Services


The AMFEMS Support Services Division is responsible for maintaining the facilities, apparatus fleet, and equipment used by the Department to accomplish its mission.

Division Chief of Fleet Services

Division Chief Joe Wolfe




The Planning Division is responsible for oversight of strategic planning, research, grant writing, and managing the Department's accreditation processes.

Division Chief of Planning

Division Chief Brad Michel, bmichel@amfems.org

Supply Management


Supply management is the division that provides the everyday supplies used by the firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics in the station and out on the streets.

Division Chief David Colyer


Facilities and Technology


Facilities and Technology Division is responsible for maintaining and improving the Department's physical infrastructure as well as all things related to the technology used by the Department.

Division Chief Kevin Jump

Human Resources


The Human Resources Division is responsible for managing many of the Department's administrative functions including, but not limited to, payroll, benefits, recruiting, testing, performance management, etc...

Division Chief Kent Kruer