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  1. Paramedic
  2. Part-time Fire Inspector
  3. Facilities Technician
  4. EMT-Basic
  5. Firefighter/EMT

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Entry Level Job Descriptions

Firefighter and EMT Written Testing

For most entry level positions, Anchorage Middletown Fire & EMS uses the National Fire Select Test (NFST) designed by Fire & Police Selection Inc. (FPSI), a fire and police services consulting firm.  The National Fire Select Test is appropriate for EMT, Firefighter, and Paramedic entry level testing.


Applicants may order the practice “NFST Candidate Orientation Guide” by clicking the following link:  http://www.fpsi.com/fire-candidate-orientation-guides/.  The NFST Candidate Orientation Guide is a helpful tool to prepare for the exam and can be downloaded as a PDF file and saved or printed. Please read through the disclaimer on the order page in order to have a successful download.  

Payments will be submitted through PayPal via an account or credit/debit card. Once payment is submitted, PayPal automatically redirects you back to the FPSI site where access to the download link will be located on the Order Details-Checkout Status page.  Applicants must pay close attention to ALL instructions on both FPSI and PayPal’s websites in order to access the instant download successfull