Mission Statement


Our Vision

  "We are professionals! Our members operate with Integrity; they are Trustworthy, Vigilant and Respectful." ·

  • Integrity - We are accountable, personally and organizationally, for our actions and behaviors. We are dedicated stewards of the resources with which we are entrusted.
  • Professional - We demonstrate an attitude of safe, competent, collaborative teamwork with our peers and the community. We strive for excellence by seeking out the best practices of our industry.
  • Trustworthy - Our words and actions are consistent. We speak the truth. We honor confidences.
  • Respect - We are respectful towards each other and our community. We are compassionate and recognize the worth of others.
  • Vigilance - We are constantly vigilant. Our leaders are focused on developing trends. We practice continuous improvements. We maintain ourselves and our equipment in a constant state of readiness.  


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